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Digital Pathway to the Pulsatile Self and Sustainable Health

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Lasting power and knowledge grow from a process that is itself pulsatile: vacillation between polarities of time, space, and thought. The laws of nature, the wisdom traditions of the past, and the digital technology upon which the future is being built rely on this pulsatile process.

Pulsatile International grew from this process, involving decades of physical and intellectual movement between continents, cultures, and ideas. The result: the expansion of the meaning of human intelligence and the creation of products and services that intersect digital biotechnology, predictive medicine, and self-regulating health methods. Pulsatile International's products and services not only empower individuals with the ability to manage personal health, but also have the potential to unify our divided world through spreading awareness of our common pulsatile nature.

          John Alton is the founder of PI and the author of Autonomic Intelligence: Pathway to the Pulsatile Self and Sustainable Health. In addition to two previous books on self-healing (Living Qigong and Unified Fitness), John is a Lecturer in the University of Virginia School of Nursing’s Center for the Study of Complementary and Alternative Therapies (CSCAT). John’s approach to self-healing exercise, which is based on conventional fitness and East Asian martial and self-healing practices, has been the subject of several scientific investigations sponsored by CSCAT and other health science organizations. These research projects produced the core concepts behind PI, in particular “Autonomic Intelligence” (AuI): the ability to create and stockpile health through awareness and activation of the autonomic nervous system. A spectrum that ranges from low to high sensory control of the autonomic nervous system, AuI represents a dimension of health and wellness that has been poorly understood and poorly respected by conventional health science. AuI has the potential to grant to individuals unprecedented freedom from an elite medical profession that looks at the body as a passive environment to be altered through surgery and potions. The most advanced level of AuI transforms the autonomic nervous system into a sensory organ, allowing for voluntary control over the autonomic cardiovascular and immune systems. PI helps people achieve advanced AuI through the practice of Reflective Exercise (RE), which generates the Reflective Response (RfR), a sensory autonomic effect that can be measured and verified with and easy-to-use smartphone app. The RfR reveals a previously unknown healing pathway that has the potential to lead to new and promising methods of resisting and overcoming many acute and chronic health problems.

Tyvin Rich, MD, Radiation Oncologist at University of Virginia Medical School in Radiation Oncology and the Hampton Proton Therapy Institute

Steven Pasternak, MD, Emergency Physician and Director of Lewis-Gale Hospital, Salem, Virginia

Lu Shaojun, PhD, Director of the Beijing Wushu Institute and sitting president of the Chinese Health Promotion Association

Phil Midland, President of IHS International and Strategic Renaissance 21

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